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Frequently Asked Questions

What is institute?

With a worldwide enrollment of 350,000 students in over 2,500 locations, there is an institute of religion near you. Institute is a safe haven from the pressures, trials, and challenges of the world. Institute is concerned with education for eternity and provides an opportunity for students to be touched and nurtured by the Spirit through classes and activities.

Who can attend?

Institutes of religion provide weekday religious instruction for single and married postsecondary students. Other married and young single adults ages 18-30 are also welcome to attend. Adult religion classes are available for those over 30. A variety of free distance-learning classes, including religion courses are also available.

How do I participate / register?

To participate, just register for a class or walk into the institute building. A friendly face or two will welcome you and tell you about the classes being taught and the activities that are planned. If you're not sure where your local institute class meets, find an institute here. The institute locator feature will provide contact information for the institute near you, as well as a link to that institute program's website. After you have found the website for the local institute program you'll be joining, you can also register for classes online. Just click on the “Register Now” button on the local institute's home page. After logging in with your LDS Account, you'll be able to see a list of classes and register for the one that interests you.


What else does institute offer?

In addition to religious instruction, institute provides opportunities to grow spiritually through service, social interaction, and leadership training. Institutes also assist parents and priesthood leaders in encouraging youth to serve missions and marry in the temple.

Is institute only on campus?

Although many institute buildings are adjacent to college campuses, in some areas institute classes are taught in campus classrooms, ward buildings, homes, or office buildings.

How do I find the nearest institute?

  • Go to the Institute of Religion Locator to find a list of locations.
  • Ask your bishop or stake president-they have a complete listing of the institute programs.

How do I transfer credits to other Church schools?

Most institute of religion classes will transfer to other Church schools and fill religion requirements toward graduation. Contact the individual school for specific policies.

What recognition is available for participation in institute?

The following certificates are available to honor students who complete institute of religion courses with credit:

  • A Certificate of Course Completion may be earned by students for their completion of each institute course of study.
  • A Certificate of Achievement may be earned by students who complete eight semester hours (or twelve quarter hours) in approved institute courses, including at least four semester hours (or six quarter hours) in scripture-based courses.

What is the worthiness clearance?

A worthiness clearance from the student's bishop is required for all certificates except course completion. Lists of students eligible to be honored with graduation diplomas, certificates of achievement, or certificates of advanced achievement at the institute graduation exercises should be sent to bishops well in advance of the printing of graduation programs. This allows bishops time to conduct worthiness interviews and, if necessary, work with students to resolve any concerns. Those not of our faith may also be cleared for worthiness by the bishops of the wards where they live or attend institute, or by the clergy of their own faiths. To maintain confidentiality, worthiness clearance information from bishops should only be given to stake presidents and not to S&I personnel. If a bishop requests additional time beyond institute graduation to resolve worthiness issues, the diploma or certificate should be given to the bishop. It could then be awarded privately by the bishop when appropriate.

What are the requirements for institute recognition?

The following certificates are available to honor students who complete institute of religion courses with credit:

  • A Certificate of Course Completion may be earned by students for their completion of each institute course of study.
  • 2-Year Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who have completed eight credits in approved institute courses, including at least four credits in scripture-based courses.  Students must earn one of more credits in at least four separate terms.
  • A 4-Year Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who have completed at least fourteen credits in approved institute courses as follows:
    • Students must earn one or more credits in at least seven separate terms.
    • Four credits in Book of Mormon courses (a student is to study the entire Book of Mormon in earning these credits).
    • Four additional credits in scripture based courses.
    • Six elective credits
  • ​A Certificate of Advanced Achievement is awarded for each additional eight credits beyond the 4-Year Certificate of Achievement and may be awarded at the same time as, or any time after, the student receives the 4-Year Certificate of Achievement.  A maximum of four credits in approved general courses may be applied toward these certificates.

Is there another website that provides resources to teachers?

Yes. The S&I Educator is a website for teachers and administrators of LDS Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. It provides lesson materials and information on improving teaching. It has training for newly called stake teachers, media for lessons organized by scripture chapter, policy manuals, and various other resources. Teachers can also access the Gospel Teaching and Learning handbook on the Educator. To access the Educator, go to and login with your LDS Account.


What is WISE and how to do teachers access it?

The Worldwide Institute and Seminary Enrollment system (WISE) is a new web-based enrollment software for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion.  WISE will eventually replace STAR, ISTAR, and CSTAR and is now accessible by most institute and seminary programs. WISE can be used to set up classes, enroll students, track attendance, process graduation, and do many other tasks. For more information, please see the WISE Help Topic page on The Educator: A site for teachers and leaders of Seminaries and Institute, or click here to directly login to WISE.


What are the employment opportunities with LDS Institute?

Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (S&I) provides religious education for youth and young adults ages 14-30. Called teachers and employees work together in the teaching and administration of this great educational program. Due to the needs and circumstances, S&I employs some men and women as full-time religious educators. Please visit the seminary careers page for answers to some questions you might have about the process to apply and prepare for a career in the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion.