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Old Testament Manual

Religion 301 and 302

Prophets, both ancient and modern, have stressed the priceless value of the Old Testament in assisting men to know God. Book of Mormon prophets, as well as the Savior, quoted extensively from the Old Testament. President Boyd K. Packer said: “In the Old learn of the creation and fall of man, the foundation for the temple endowment. You learn what a prophet is. You become familiar with such words as obedience, sacrifice, covenant, Aaronic, Melchizedek, and priesthood. The whole basis for Judaic-Christian law, indeed for Islam, is taught to you. The 'why' of tithes and offerings is explained. You read prophecies of the coming Messiah and of the restoration of the gospel. You see Elijah demonstrate the sealing power and hear Malachi prophesy that Elijah will be sent with the keys of the sealing authority... Now almost abandoned by the Christian world, [The Old Testament] remains to us a testament of Jesus Christ” (in Conference Report, April 1990, 49; or Ensign, May 1990, 37-38 ). Religion 301 covers Genesis-2 Samuel, Religion 302 cover 1 Kings-Malachi.

Manual 1 (Genesis-2 Samuel)

Manual 2 (1 Kings-Malachi)

Why do I need a manual?

Because of the length of the Old Testament, there are two institute manuals. These manuals will help you understand difficult passages from the Old Testament. They include maps, charts, calendars, and other aids that will increase your understanding of the Old Testament. There are also several enrichment sections such as “Symbolism and Typology in the Old Testament” and “The World of Isaiah.”