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Introduction to Family History

Religion 261

President Howard W. Hunter taught: “The dead are anxiously waiting for the Latter-day Saints to search out their names and then go into the temples to officiate in their behalf, that they may be liberated from their prison house in the spirit world. All of us should find joy in this magnificent labor of love” (“ Temple-Motivated People,”Ensign, Feb. 1995, 5). Some people think that doing family history is a work for old people, but it is a work for everyone. Especially now with the Church's Internet resources (such as, family history is a work for tech-savvy youth and young adults. This class will help you learn how to search out your ancestors and prepare their names for temple ordinances. You will also learn ways to discover more about your ancestors and draw closer to them.

Why do I need a manual?

The Introduction to Family History institute manual will help you understand the doctrinal reasons why family history work is so important. It will also teach you how to find your ancestors.