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Doctrine and Covenants Manual

Religion 324 and 325

President Joseph Fielding Smith taught that the Doctrine and Covenants is more valuable than gold. He said, “This Doctrine and Covenants contains the word of God to those who dwell here now. . . . More precious than gold, the Prophet says we should treasure it more than the riches of the whole earth. I wonder if we do? If we value it, understand it, and know what it contains, we will value it more than wealth; it is worth more to us than the riches of the earth” (Doctrines of Salvation, ed. Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols. [1954-56], 3:199). Religion 324 covers Doctrine and Covenants sections 1-76; Religion 325 covers sections 77-138 and the official declarations.

Why do I need a manual?

The Doctrine and Covenants institute manual is designed to help you learn the historical background of each section of the Doctrine and Covenants. It provides prophetic and scholarly commentary for difficult words and phrases. It also provides helpful insights into how you can liken the Doctrine and Covenants to your own life. In addition, there are several helpful enrichment sections, such as “Establishing Zion,” “Keys for Avoiding Deception,” and “The Law of Consecration and Stewardship.”