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Washington DC Metro

Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia Institutes of Religion 

Washington DC Temple

“Oh, to be eighteen or twenty-five or thirty again! You can do anything when you're that age. I am three times thirty, plus one. But I have not lost interest in you....I think you are the finest generation this Church has ever produced....

”And hold on to the institute program. Gather with your peers....Listen to good and able teachers. Participate in the social programs...

“The institute program represents a very serious attempt on the part of the Church Board of Education to see that our students have opportunities for religious training and Church association wherever they may be.

”...God bless you, my dear young friends, wherever you are.“ (President Gordon B. Hinckley, ”Be Not Afraid, Only Believe“, CES Fireside for Young Adults, 9 September 2001)

Institute classes and activities are held in over 25 locations around the metropolitan area. Please come and join us!