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About Institute

What is institute? 

The institutes of religion program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides religious education for young adults ages 18 to 30. With a worldwide enrollment of 350,000 students in over 2,500 locations, it is easy to find an institute of religion near you. Institute is a safe haven from the pressures, trials, and challenges of the world. Institute is concerned with education for eternity and provides an opportunity for students to be touched and nurtured by the Spirit through classes and activities.


The Purpose of Institute

The objective of LDS institutes of religion is to help young adults understand and rely on the teachings and Atonement of Jesus Christ, qualify for the blessings of the temple, and prepare themselves, their families, and others for eternal life with their Father in Heaven.

For more information, see the Fundamentals of Gospel Teaching and Learning.


Institute Quotes

Quotes from President Thomas S. Monson, President Gordon B. Hinckley, Elder Boyd K. Packer, and Elder L. Tom Perry on the importance of the LDS Institute program.