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Institute Quotes

President Thomas S. Monson

“If you are a single college student, I ask you to make participation in institute a priority. Married students and other young adults are also welcome and encouraged to attend. Think of it. Friends will be made, the Spirit will be felt, and faith will be strengthened. I promise you that as you participate in institute and study the scriptures diligently, your power to avoid temptation and to receive direction of the Holy Ghost in all you do will be increased. Divine favor will attend those who humbly seek it. That is a promise which I leave with you.”
President Thomas S. Monson (April 21, 2009)

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President Gordon B. Hinckley 

“We urge all for whom [institute] is available to take advantage of it. We do not hesitate to promise that your knowledge of the gospel will be increased, your faith will be strengthened, and you will develop wonderful associations and friendships.”
President Gordon B. Hinckley (in Conference Report, April 1984, 69; or Ensign, May 1984, 47)


Elder Boyd K. Packer 

“Students, if your values are in place, you will not hesitate to forego an elective class that may decorate your life in favor of instruction which can hold together the very foundation of it. Then, once enrolled, attend, study, and learn. Persuade your friends to do the same. You will never regret it; this I promise you.”
Elder Boyd K. Packer (in Conference Report, Apr. 1983, 91; or Ensign, May 1983, 67)


Elder L. Tom Perry 

“I know the power that comes from associations in the seminary and institute programs. It has enriched my life, and I know it will do the same for you. It will put a shield of protection around you to keep you free from the temptations and trials of the world. There is a great blessing in having a knowledge of the gospel. And I know of no better place for the young people of the Church to gain a special knowledge of sacred things than in the institute and seminary programs of the Church.”
Elder L. Tom Perry (in Conference Report, Oct. 1997, 82; or Ensign, Nov. 1997, 61-62)


Howard W. Hunter 

“We have a great responsibility ... in the Church to make sure our own members, our own young people, do not fall into that unfortunate category of being blinded, of being good, fine, worthy young men and women who are kept from the truths of the scriptures because they do not know where to find those truths and because they do not possess confidence between the covers of their standard works.... We ought to have a Church full of women and men who know the scriptures thoroughly, who cross-reference and mark them, who develop lessons and talks from the Topical Guide, and who have mastered the maps, the Bible Dictionary, and the other helps that are contained in this wonderful set of standard works” (Howard W. Hunter, Eternal Investments[Address to CES religious educators, Feb. 10, 1989], 2-3).

“Those who delve into the scriptural library, however, find that to understand requires more than casual reading or perusal - there must be concentrated study” (Howard W. Hunter, Reading the ScripturesEnsign, Nov. 1979, 64).