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Why Should I Graduate From Institute? 

By actively participating in and graduating from institute, young adults will strengthen their testimonies of Jesus Christ, increase their scripture study skills, learn from others and through the Spirit, and be better prepared for their futures. Graduation is now a central part of the institute experience and is seen as a second part of the foundation that students started building with seminary. After graduation from institute, students are still welcome to attend as institute meets their needs.

What are the New Graduation Requirements?

Institute Graduation signifies achievement in gospel learning and understanding.  Course credit (and eventually graduation) is earned by attending at least 75% of classes and completing assigned readings and the Elevate Learning Experiences for each of the four Cornerstone Courses and three elective courses.

14 credits are required to graduate:

• 8 Cornerstone course credits*

• 6 primary or secondary elective course credits

To earn credit for a particular course, a student must attend at least 75 percent of classes, complete assigned readings, and complete a course assessment.

*All scripture-based courses that a student has completed or will complete in semesters or terms that began prior to August 1, 2015, will be counted toward the Cornerstone requirement for graduation. Also, all elective credits earned prior to August 1, 2015, can still be used for graduation.

Graduation Award System

There will be two awards available to students.

• Diploma. This will be for students who have completed the required 14 credits. Diplomas are signed and awarded by priesthood leaders.

• Course completion certificate. This will be awarded to students who have completed a class. If multiple classes have been completed in a term, then all of the classes completed in that term will show on one certificate. Certificates are given to students by the institute program they attended.